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Our Quality Policy

• X-It's management highly values products quality and customer service. These are the fundamentals of our exitance
• The company works to continuously improve its work processes and procedures
• ISO 9001 (2015) standards is the basis for X-It quality system
• X-It works to comply with customer requirements and expectations, to provide reliable products at required schedule, in order to support our customers business and to increase our customer satisfaction level
• X-It works to create a partnership with our customers, to enable them to sell products that best suits their needs in full cooperation
• X-It takes care quickly and efficiently on customer inquiries and uses feedback mechanism in order to identify necessary corrective activities
• X-It considers suppliers and subcontractors as an integral part of our quality system. Therefore, we developed adequate operation interfaces and work processes
• X-It continuously develop data collection tools and exception detection. In order to carry out corrective and preventive activities and to adapt policy for changes, that may occur (Either internally or externally)
• X-It defines goals and objectives using the quality improvement and effectiveness measures
• The company strives (as far as possible) to reduce any non-quality (product and service) costs